Acoustics In A Box™ Room Acoustics Treatment Modules and Kits

Acoustics In A Box™ brand do-it-yourself room acoustics treatment modules and kits are literally the "best in the world," and we have the data to prove it! If you have a noisy room and you need to tame the sound, Acoustics In A Box™ offers the most effective do-it-yourself solution available anywhere, and at a lower cost than ordinary foam absorbers and bass traps. (For more in-depth information on the rationale behind Acoustics In A Box, please see our white paper: Acoustic Treatment of Small Rooms on a Budget)

We carry the full line of Acoustics In A Box™ products designed specifically to enable you to easily, quickly and inexpensively treat all the following kinds of rooms:

Whether you are trying to create a home recording studio on a budget, or tame the noise in a home theater, a conference room at work, the cafeteria at school, or the basement or sanctuary in your church, we are here to help. Just click the category that best fits your situation to learn more, or contact us for our recommendations and a quote. If you have looked around at what custom acoustic engineering remodeling costs, we know you will be much happier with the quote you receive on Acoustics In A Box™ products. Acoustics In A Box™ components and kits are specifically designed for do-it-yourself installation and requires no engineering or costly planning. You simply install the special acoustic panels using the special mounts provided and your noise problems disappear.

Acoustics In A Box™ Technology Overview

Jay Perdue, the genius inventor behind Acoustics In A Box™ holds more patents in the area of acoustic treatment products than any other person in history. Owner of Perdue Acoustics, a premier acoustical engineering firm, Jay has invented Acoustics In A Box™ products for the rest of us who cannot afford professional acoustic room remodeling costs, but who still need help taming our noisy rooms.

Acoustics In A Box™ products are so named because the acoustic panels are produced in a small number of standard sizes and shapes such that they conveniently fit into easily shippable boxes of 4 or 8 panels per box; just the right quantities to treat common size rooms.

The genius of Acoustics In A Box™ panels lies in several Jay Perdue innovations:

  • Custom Density Stone Wool Panel Material: Each panel is made of a custom stone wool material that is optimized for maximum sound absorption. The panels provide the necessary thickness plus the mass needed to absorb bass frequency sounds as well as higher frequency sounds.
  • Proprietary Backing Membrane: To further enhance the acoustic absorption performance of each panel, a proprietary backing membrane is attached to each panel causing the entire panel to move as a unit when struck by sound waves, resulting in remarkably greater sound absorption than can be realized using ordinary foam blocks or acoustic panels.
  • Black Hole™ Mounting System: Another Jay Perdue innovation is the patented "Black Hole™" Mounting system. Each panel ships with the appropriate mount, all folded flat. When folded into the final shape and attached to the wall or ceiling, the Black Hole™ mount orients each panel for optimal performance. These patented mounts are made of sturdy but light weight corrugated plastic sheets, and are attached using drywall screws or adhesive strips, making installation remarkably simple, fast and easy.
  • Attractive Fabric Coverings: Nobody wants to install a bunch of ugly foam blocks in their carefully decorated room, so Acoustics In A Box™ panels come covered with your choice of 5 stock colors, or via custom order, any of 48 Guilford of Maine architectural fabric colors, to nicely compliment your existing color scheme. The panels can even be airbrushed for nearly any artistic treatment you may desire. (Note: Using solid paints will greatly reduce the acoustic performance of panels, so a light airbrush painting is the maximum recommended.)

How to Order Acoustics In A Box™

Please review the addtional information at the links above, to get an idea as to what your installation may look like, and the specific components that may be needed to meet your acoustics goals. We stock most components in the 5 standard fabrics and ship most products within 3 days of receiving your order. Additional custom colors are available, but order minimums and additional time to fill the order may apply.

To order, please choose the components you need here, then send us an email: or give us a call to place your order: 1-918-478-5500

Or, if you have more questions or need suggestions, please provide us with the following information and we will respond with a recommendation and a quote:

  • Room purpose (vocal presentation, music presentation, group meetings, other (please specify))
  • Description of the acoustic problem you are trying to remedy.
  • Room dimensions (length, width, ceiling height)
  • Ceiling type (hard surface, acoustic tile, cathedral)
  • Seating capacity of the room

Please Note: Acoustics In A Box™ products are designed to improve the acoustics inside a room. These products cannot prevent transmission of sound through walls or in other ways, improve the privacy of conversations. If your issue is privacy or work disruption due to excessive noise, please see our commercial white noise products.

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