Acoustics In A Box™ Systems for Boardrooms and Conference Rooms

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In the perfectly designed conference room, all speakers are easy to hear and understand, and the sound is rich and full. If your conference room sounds bad, occupants are often hard to understand, and when multiple people try to be heard, it becomes difficult to understand what anyone is saying, your room most likely suffers from excessive reverberation of sound. (For more on the problem of excessive reverberation, see our White Paper.)

By simply installing down sloping Acoustics In A Box™ sound absorber panels on the walls of your conference room, you can easily and inexpensively cure the excessive reverberation in your conference room. Though we cannot guarantee results, we can tell you that the addition of each Acoustics In A Box™ sound absorber panel, properly mounted using the patented black hole™ mounting system, will incrementally shorten the reverberation time of virtually any room. In general, the more panels installed, the shorter will be the reverberation time of the room and the better it will sound.

The Acoustics In A Box™ system is quite simple to use, by design. The black hole mounts are attached to the wall or ceiling using drywall screws or adhesive, and the panels then install onto tabs on the mounts. Ideally, a 14' x 20' room would call for 8 panels, a room that would seat 25 people would need about 16 panels, one that would accommodate 50 people would need about 24 panels, and beyond that, a good starting place would be about 8 more panels for each additional 50 seats. See some small room configurations to help visualize a typical Acoustics In A Box™ installation. For your room, the configuration will almost certainly be drastically different, but these sketches may help.

In virtually all rooms, you will find natural limits to the number of panels you can install due to conflicts with doors, windows, artworks and other decorations and furniture. Accordingly, the most effective way to begin is to examine your room and identify the number of places you have where the 2' x 4' panels can be installed. If you can spare some wall space for panels, choose down sloping wall panels mounted so that the bottom of the panels are at about 6-7 feet above the floor, or if the room is not tall enought to accommodate this position, then mount the panels about 6 inches down from the ceiling. If you need more panels than you have room for, you can also substitute horizontal mount panels which you may be able to install above doorways or windows, and of course you may also be able to install additional panels on the ceiling. The more panels you can find room for, the shorter will be the reverberation time and the better will be the sound quality in the room.

One more tip to consider: the down sloping wall panels can be airbrushed to turn them into artworks. Just know that covering them with a solid coating of paint will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the panels, so use a light airbrush approach to any artistic efforts.

To order, please choose the components you need here, then send us an email: or give us a call to place your order: 1-918-478-5500

Or, if you have more questions or need suggestions, please provide us with the following information and we will respond with a recommendation and a quote:

  • Room purpose (vocal presentation, music presentation, group meetings, other (please specify))
  • Description of the acoustic problem you are trying to remedy.
  • Room dimensions (length, width, ceiling height)
  • Ceiling type (hard surface, acoustic tile, cathedral)
  • Seating capacity of the room

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